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There are five things I want to share with you here.

Firstly, there's my Employers section where prospective employers can view examples of my web and graphic design work.

Then there's my Host Model story. The Host Model of Earth is a theoretical cosmology which you may find interesting. It begins with the proposition that the continents of Planet Earth are not randomly formed topographical figures.

I'm posting my Time Exchange story now because it is at last complete. It's about my life long experience with schizophrenia.

I've got a new story for you. It's called Whispered Words and it expands on a couple of interesting themes introduced in my earlier work. It's a short story, so it should be a quick read.

I would also like to share my Colour Cube with you. The Colour Cube is an interactive colour mixing tool for digital designers.

I'll also include a gallery of other web pages from my portfolio.

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