I'm still a student of web design but I do have a client, namely Hills Street Counselling and Psychology in Gosford. You can view their website here.

And, of course, this site is an example of my work.

I'll post screenshots of some websites from my portfolio for the sake of representing my work to prospective employers:

Hills St Website

Hills St Counselling

Hills St Counselling and Psychology was my first web design customer. Their website went live in January of 2011. It's not a very big site but it serves its design purpose which was to make information about their practitioners available to members of the general public.

Host Model Website

Earlier Host Model Site

The Host Model of Earth is the theortical cosmology which I wrote. My Host Model website first went live with a template in December of 2008. It was several years before I wrote my own code for this site. Since then it has been through a few iterations and this is one of its earlier forms.

Previous Host Model Website

Earlier Host Model Site

This is an earlier version of my Host Model site. This version was the first one I wrote myself. It went live in May of 2012. It is a fairly simple site but I was quite happy with it for about a year or so.

Prospective version of the Hills St site

Prospective Hills St Site

This is a prospective version of the Hills St Counselling site. It has yet to be approved by my client. It has a very grey green background which gives it a very soft lighting.

This is an open spaces experiment

An Experiment With Open Spaces

This is an experiment with open spaces. I wanted to try and break my design paradigm with this site. I think I produced a fairly amusing result.

This is an experiment with HTML Iframe

An Experiment With HTML iframe

This is an experiment with the HTML iframe tag. I was having trouble styling a drop down div tag which I thought I could solve with an iframe. It turns out that Internet Explorer has trouble with iframes wanting the user to specifically authorise them.

This is my Flight Sim site

My Flight Sim Site

I'm a big fan of Flight Simulation. I'm a member of a couple of flight sim forums. I created this FS site so that I can share my FS views with my buddies on the forums.

This is an experiment with spherical trig

Spherical Trig

I'm also a big fan of math, although this wasn't always the case. Before the advent of programmable calculators I would really struggle with math. But with a programmable calculator I could ask sensible questions and get reliable answers.

Spherical trig is one of my favorite bits of math.

Another prospective version of the Hills St site

Another Prospective Hills St Site

This is another prospective version of the Hills St Counselling site. It is more of a design doodle than a serious proposal but it is nevertheless an interesting visual thing.

Screenshot of my Colour Cube site

My Colour Cube Site

This is a bit of Javascript which I wrote. The colours are fantastic and the site is also a very useful colour mixing tool.

This is my DVD XML database

XML Database

I use an XML database to represent my DVD collection here. XML is not a particularly secure way to store data but is very useful.

This is my documant and picture repository

Documents and Pictures

This is a collection of documents and pictures which I would like to share with others. I use the HTML data here to conduct a number of colour experiments.