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A major problem for any web designer is concerned with how to navigate through the website's many pages.

I've tried a few different methods, such as flyout menus and drop down div tags, but ultimately any navigation system is experimental, and a designer may feel free to explore any of the many design possibilities.

With this in mind, I'm trying to keep the primary nav bar located at the top of this page as simple as possible, and any further navigation requirements located in a gallery such as the one you will find below:

Flight Simulation

I'm a big fan of Flight Simulation. I'm a member of a couple of flight sim forums and I made this site to share my views with my flight sim buddies.

XML Database

I assembled this database to represent my DVD collection. It's not exhaustive by any means, but I wanted to learn about how XML works.

3D Coordinates

Here is a little bit of Javascript which will perform 3D polar and rectangular coordinate transformations.

Open Spaces

Web design requires constant experimentation. With this web page I experiment with open spaces.

Boltzmann Constant

This is by no means a serious treatment of Boltzmann's constant, but it has been a fascinating observation in my experience.

Julian Day Number

Any astronomical observation has to begin with a specification of which day the observation was made. This will be the Julian Day Number.

Compare Bikes

Here is a little Javascript which will compare a number of motorcycles according to their power and weight specifications.

Spherical Trig

Spherical trigonometry is a very pretty bit of math and very useful for performing some astronomical calculations.

Azimuth and Altitude

I use spherical trigonometry to calculate the azimuth and altitude of the sun on any day and hour. It's not perfectly accurate, but it's close.

Bike Displacement

Here's some Javascript which will calculate the displacement of a motorcycle engine on the basis of stroke and bore specifications.

Photo Selection

Here are some photos which I took. I live in a small country town, so I see quite a lot of landscape from day to day.

Worldometers Population Clock

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