The Time Exchange
Chapter 6

The world becomes a mystical place when you dismantle the bunch of beliefs which hold it all together for you. Energy is a very plastic thing and you can bend it into any number of shapes, but it will snap back into its natural repose if you happen to figure out how to refrain from giving it a shape. It is energy that binds our bodies together and which negotiates our relationship with everything we encounter. And if we can equate energy with effort and consciousness then we may feel confident about developing a rapport with anything on our scale of existence.

On our scale of existence radiant energy is the medium we may use to develop such a rapport. Everything ranging from atoms to galaxies both emit and absorb radiation, and any creature within this range can interpret the electromagnetic signals it absorbs.

I've known animals both domestically and on the farm, and my telepathic experience has shown me that animals have, in fact, a natural telepathic ability. Animals make ideal telepathic partners because their abilities are innate and have not been complicated by beliefs to the contrary. As a result of this experience I have been led to believe that telepathic communication between beings is inherently the nature of radiant energy. I also believe that the denial of such abilities by humans is misguided, and that my possession of telepathic powers is a reasonable expectation, as is the expectation that other creatures relate to each other in this way.

In spite of their denial of this ability I can't help enjoying a chuckle about people's contradictory beliefs regarding this phenomenon. While most people doggedly deny that anyone could be in possession of telepathic powers they adorn themselves with a host of wireless devices which use the airwaves to communicate with each other. I don't have a mobile phone because there isn't anyone I want to talk to, but I do have a wireless home network which joins a number of computers together and I'm impressed with the way they interact with each other. In any case mobile phones are becoming even more popular and I find people's attitudes conflicting because the physics are basically the same; both mobile phones and human bodies manipulate the relationship between electricity and magnetism.

And when those huge radio telescopes turn their gaze on the distant galactic centre their reception of electromagnetic signals isn't that different from my reception of them. And when I say huge radio telescopes I mean that ironically because compared with the scale of the galaxy those telescopes and my body exist on a scale which is identical. The sky is transparent to signals of this sort and the surface of the Earth is flooded with them all the time. All day and night our bodies are resonating in the flood of electromagnetic energy regardless of whether or not we go to the trouble of observing it.

I can't help it if I'm naturally sensitive to the range of frequencies which my body is absorbing. I acknowledge that my solitary nature meant that I could filter out a lot of the mental traffic occupying the thoughts of most people. I was also naturally intrigued by the prospect of electromagnetic radiance and subsequently resonating bodies. Smoking cannabis helped me to perfect my telepathic abilities, but it was my discovery of the host model and the infinite regression which ultimately led to my reception of signals of a cosmic nature. The infinite regression of abstractions drew my attention to the spatial identity we have in common with the galaxy, and subsequent investigation allowed me to infer that the galaxy was interested in what I had to say about it.

Now, I told you that a body will have galactic proportions from the point of view of those who are sufficiently smaller than it, but really this is just a manner of speaking. The truth is that a body will be an island universe from such a point of view, and this more closely resembles my intention regarding the infinite regression of abstractions. Everything is a summary of the universe which surrounds it, and so we have a regression of representative summaries. My body, just like so many other bodies, is a diminutive map of the universe which is in turn a diminutive map of the universe surrounding it. It may be a somewhat devastating observation for you fellow traveller, but a universe resides within the body of each and every one of us.

Not only is the body a map of space but it is also a map of time. Looking inwardly upon the constitution of our bodies we see all of time modelled within the unfolding drama of our lives. The development of our bodies from a foetal stage until old age is one way of looking at this map, but providing us with an even more interesting map of time is the static geometry of a body. While the body in question could belong to almost any of the countless creatures we encounter here on Earth the human body will be of most interest to us, so I will confine my remarks to the geometry of this body in particular.

The first feature to consider with regard to the geometry of the body is its field like nature. Fields exist between electrically charged particles and between the poles of a magnet. Since the body is made up of large numbers of these things it will exhibit field like behaviour and resonate according to the electromagnetic energy in its vicinity. Making concessions for their differences in scale, of course, this is not unlike the sort of radiation emitted by stars and galaxies.

Electric charges orbit a magnetic field in a direction perpendicular to its poles, and this relationship defines the perpendicular symmetry of a body. At the intersection of these axes the human heart beats at the centre of the circulatory system. In view of the pervasive nature of this organ I believe that the body is drenched with blood in a way similar to the cosmic microwave background radiation we see arriving on our shores from every direction. Furthermore in order to pump blood to the most distant capillaries in the body the heart practically implodes at a rate of a little more than once every second. And surprisingly it is this tiny piece of cosmic violence which may be interpreted as a representation of the original big bang.

That space proceeds infinitely in every direction is a statement about which there can be no doubt, but the underlying premise which is usually taken for granted is that an origin has been specified, a zero point which defines the particular region in question. In the case of the universe we know of no absolute origin so space is defined in terms of our experience of it here on Earth. In the case of the human body the zero point can be defined as the cosmically beating heart, and unlike the origin of the universe it can be specified in fairly concrete terms.

Now, you'd expect that a representation of the original big bang would depict the very beginning of time and space with some finality, but logically this is just the beginning of the matter. There is another organ which represents the beginning even more graphically than the heart, but it can only be interpreted as the reverse of yet another organ which depicts the other end of time, the conclusion of all that began so long ago. The two organs will be the anus and the centre of the brain. The anus will represent the beginning of time while the centre of the brain will represent a largely imaginary, but logically necessary, end of time.

The anus is at the end of the alimentary canal and the mouth is at the beginning of it, but I don't think this mild contradiction will complicate my point about the nature of the two identities. They seem to me to be examples of the grand cosmic irony that the beginning and end of time exist virtually simultaneously, so they depict both identities somewhat ambiguously.

The anus may well terminate the alimentary canal but it is also an important anchor for the generative organs which themselves define the beginning of embryonic life. The anus consists of a representation of zero for both males and females while the other end of the generative organs completes the polar field of two. In the context of an infinite regression of abstractions the end of the alimentary canal assumes a particularly unique identity and gives the entire pelvic-lower limb region the appearance of a very primitive organism indeed. Because the end of the alimentary canal is such a primitive relic of the distant past it is a more graphic representation of the beginning of time than the heart which beats at the centre of the circulatory system.

The infinite regression makes a point of representing the true nature of zero. It is not so much the simple arithmetic convention we usually associate it with, but a point of infinitely diminishing proportions. The end of the alimentary canal consists of a representation of zero and the centre of the brain is no different. The end of the alimentary canal and the centre of the brain are like the tips of two pyramids which are joined to each other at their bases. In this sense they both represent the beginning of things as does the heart, of course, and virtually everything else which has a centre. But the centre of the brain differs from the end of the alimentary canal in so far as it is a much more sophisticated representation of zero. It is relatively highly evolved by comparison, and as such a suitable candidate for the depiction of the end of time. Since the body consists of a map of the entire universe a representation of the end of time must be located somewhere and the centre of the brain happens to most closely resemble this identity.

The centre of the brain may be the repository of a largely imaginary representation because, of course, the future doesn't exist yet. What does exist is the present where the future is a matter of navigation, and the centre of the brain the helm of a ship. It's a space ship which navigates a course through the life of an individual not unlike a sailing ship or perhaps a freighter delivering a collection of personal memories. But the body also contains memories which span the history of the entire universe so the body is a ship of time as much as it is one of space. It's a time ship but not like the fabled time machines of science fiction. It is a time ship because it joins the two ends of time.

This is not particularly surprising. Indeed, all of material existence is commissioned with this very practicality. The difference in our case is that we find ourselves at the tip of a galaxy whose nature is not unlike that of a pyramid. We partake in an infinite regression of abstractions where our particular role is to navigate the ship of state; we are the helm from which a galactic course is chartered. In view of the serious nature of my predicament at this time I drew the conclusion that I was required to adopt a position at the helm of this ship.

I was twenty five in 1981 when I first developed an acquaintance with the things I've been telling you about here. I was young, naive and basically ignorant when these odd things started happening to me. I was a very average high school student and then I went to art school where the only skill I learned in this context was the ability to visualise my thinking. I felt like I had very little preparation for the undertaking I found myself caught up in. It wasn't a rational thing either unlike the story I'm telling you here. It was a feeling, a strong and largely irrational feeling which I struggled to adapt my previous life experiences to.

The feelings had names, of course, and identities which fitted together to make a set of principles I could relate to, but the scale of it all was overwhelming. I felt like I was struggling to stay afloat on a very deep pool of time. To say that I was scared would have been an understatement although I would never have admitted it. To be honest I found it all exhilarating and my exhilaration overshadowed my fear to the point where it became an insignificant consideration for me.

I was still living by the harbour in Neutral Bay at the end of 1981. I was actually pretty happy that first year at Wallaringah and I believed that everything would be alright if I could just stay there, but it all took a nasty turn when I moved to my sister's house early in 1982. My sister's husband was in the business of acquiring surgical experience at a regional hospital and she asked me to mind the house and the family dog while they were away. The only problem was that she also asked my younger brother to stay, so I had to accommodate two disturbing intrusions to my increasingly irrational behaviour, my brother of course, but perhaps more importantly, the dog. I tried to extricate myself from this commitment because I knew how vulnerable I was, but my sister insisted and would not hear of any arguments to the contrary.

My brother wasn't such a problem because with work and his other interests he wasn't often there, but the dog became my constant and somewhat unwelcome companion. It was a problem because I was just beginning to develop my telepathic abilities at this time, and the dog inevitably became mixed up in my telepathic investigations.

When I first began to develop my telepathic abilities I believed that I was corresponding with a number of individual creatures, but it wasn't long before I had to amend this view. I had to suspect that my experience was a little more complicated than this because some of these telepathic encounters were simply too bizarre to fit the paradigm I was using to organise my thinking at this time. One noteworthy example occurred quite early in my experience with schizophrenia and involved the dog I was minding at my sister's house. I was driving taxis three nights a week at the time so I was inclined to remain awake until the early hours of the morning which the dog evidently found infuriating.

Those nights I wasn't working were spent brooding over my new found perception so my behaviour was very introspective and I was only vaguely aware of the effect it was having on the dog. I remember my mind was often spinning in those days trying to keep up with the curious thoughts I was concocting, and evidently the dog was aware of this because on one occasion he covered his ears as dogs do sometimes and spoke in audible English "When are you going to stop?" His speech was slurred but it was quite distinct and I did my best to ignore this peculiarity as I did on most occasions when this sort of thing was happening. I did my best not to show it, but to be honest, I was actually very scared.

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