Whispered Words
Chapter 8

I now have only my concluding remarks left to share with you. To begin with perhaps the most controversial element of my story, I’m not going to apologise for my inclusion of cannabis in this discussion, in spite of it being a controlled substance in all the places where I have smoked it. On the contrary it probably won't surprise you to suggest that cannabis has been a significant factor in my development of this thinking. I've not been a huge smoker over the years mostly because I've moved around a lot, and was rarely able to intersect with the supply chain in the places where I went. But my ability to make an infrequent connection has been both crucial and strategic. I suspect that less is better with respect to this substance in any case because the body will develop a tolerance to it quickly which will take several weeks of abstinence to eliminate.

Furthermore, I assure you that I'm aware of how much this discussion will appeal to any cannabis smokers among you. If you happen to be a smoker then you will have seen for yourself how nearly every paragraph is like a little psychedelic trip for a smoker. They reflect a vision of the body which has the potential to transcend the obsessive materialism the world is presently suffering from. Cannabis smokers may have been an insignificant minority in the past but there are now more in favour of reforming cannabis legislation than against it here in Australia, and Australia is a fairly conservative jurisdiction. A pro-cannabis bill is before the NSW state parliament as I write, so it may not be long before cannabis smoking will be an acceptable behaviour in most jurisdictions.

I would also like to credit Castaneda's writing in my development of this thinking. I haven't actually seen much of Carlos in my thoughts and dreaming which surprises me, but I have seen a lot of don Juan in this venue over the years. It is a mystical thing which I have addressed in my earlier work, but I have always felt an affinity with the dead. I don't socialise much with the living because I still practice the techniques for stopping the world, but I have been able to negotiate a comprehensive exchange of ideas with the dead. I see my dead parents attempting to meddle in my life as they did when they were alive. They are slowly letting go of me, but in the mean time their behaviour provides me with a reliable proof that a remnant lingers long after life.

I would also like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which this story was written. Australia is one of few places so deeply immersed in the dreaming of this planet. The traditional custodians emphasise their relationship to the Dreamtime, and will always welcome those who have an interest in developing this skill. I haven't seen much of them in my dreams, but everywhere I look here in Australia, I see them in the luminosity and in the shadows.

Let me also address anyone's intention to adopt the role of Christ on this planet. Firstly, such a person would have to be barking mad to attempt such a thing. I'm sure you will agree that we meet each other at a particularly difficult turning point in Earth history. Anyone attempting such a thing will have to expect a very frosty reception until such time as all the problems of the world have been solved to everyone's satisfaction. I'm sure you'll agree that this is an impossible task.

Secondly, Christ is not a title an aspirant can give to himself. It's something which only others can ever give to you, after they've witnessed your good works, and have been able to agree that such live up to the high standards they expect from such a figure. I won’t be adopting this title, and I advise anyone who is contemplating it to think long and hard about what they’re doing here on Earth.

In spite of this admonition, such as it is in my case, I nevertheless suspect that the stories I've been telling you here divert from the path we are on in a very dramatic way. I suspect that our intention to exploit everything in sight is largely responsible for our troubles, and I also suspect that a serious diversion from this path is exactly what is needed.

If my thinking is perhaps a little too creative for your liking then there are many alternatives which may appeal to you on the basis of the simple logic of our predicament. But if you happen to live in defiance of both logic and creativity then the infinite regression provides that this world consists of uncountable infinities, all of which are open to your dreaming. But by the same token the dreaming of such infinities provides that our miserable lives are expendable. All the world is ever going to ask of you is that you accept the menacing prospect that death will welcome you with open arms. The path you take through the labyrinth we have created is yours to choose.

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